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> Principles and Elements of Art
post Feb 19 2010, 06:26 PM
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Hello fellow art peers, and art appreciators! We wanted to share this great, yet basic information on the Principles and Elements of Art! We Lum artists use these consciously and subconsciously all the times to create the art we display in exhibits. We believe art is a visual language everyone can be capable of learning as long as there is motivation and determination. We hope this serves you in many ways. Enjoy!

The principles bring emotion and meaning to artwork.

The Principles of Art

    areas or parts of the art that pull the viewer's eyes; the thing that catches your attention and is emphasized. Emphasis is usually the focus.

    stability within the artwork. Are the subjects and elements balanced or is one heavier than the other? How does balance or imbalance make or break an artwork?

    the use of similar subjects and elements in an artwork. It is harmonious and works together. Harmony can refer to harmonious color, harmonious movement, etc

    differences in the artwork. Achieved by using different shapes, textures, colors, and value. Sometimes this includes the elements of art.

    when art gives the illusion of action or flow; movement directs the viewer's eyes throughout the artwork. Good movement directs the viewer to the focus or emphasis if there is one.

    repetition of shapes and colors, textures, values, and patterns.

    the relationships of the size of objects; scale and perspective. It depends on the intention and whether what is intended is successful.

    when all the parts or elements of an artwork are whole. It should not be confusing or unbalanced.

The elements are crucial to how the artwork physically depicts an idea or concept.

Elements of Art

    the 3-dimensionality of shapes and subjects in the artwork. Does the artwork portray the form to give the illusion of 3D? In order for form to be successful, value must be used correctly.

    the marks, points, or directions the artist uses in the work. How do the lines define form and shape and movement?

    an enclosed space. How do the shapes in the artwork define the subject? How do the shapes take up space and composition? How do the shapes relate to one another?

    The Hue(name of the color ex red, green), the intensity/brightness/dullness of a hue, and the value(lightness or darkness) of a hue.

    the illusion of a surface feel or quality(aka simulated texture). Real texture is when the painting has physical texture. Does the texture benefit the artwork?

    the distance in front, in back, on the side, under, above, and within the frame of reference(canvas). How is space used to manipulate the composition of the artwork? Is there too much negative space?

    the darkness or lightness of a form, hue, shape, line, etc.

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Equalization, accentuation, development, extent, musicality, solidarity, and assortment; the methods a craftsman uses to compose components inside a gem. dissertation writing uk | DissertationTime by the watchful position of rehashed components in a masterpiece to cause a visual rhythm or beat. harmony or solidness to a work of art.
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post Jan 4 2018, 04:38 AM
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ELEMENTS OF ART: The visual components of color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value. may be two-or three-dimensional, descriptive, implied, or abstract. Shape An element of art that is two-dimensional, flat, or limited to height and width. phd dissertation writing services
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