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Here are my latest fractals. Thanks to Wendy, Ive gotten back into apo and Im pretty please with myself with my latest works

All the images except Wildest Dreams Go Afar hav pretty terrible quality unless downloaded, but they arent huge files if u want to see the better quality.

Also, the last Incendia work I did:

Because Im in the mood, just tell me everything about the works. Dont leave anything out, as much as possible, whether they are bad or otherwise.
Hell, even yell at me! ohmy.gif

And no, its no coincidence that I posted this after looking through the 5th Dimension wink.gif
Tokyo Rose
Wildest Dreams is alright, its a bit too sharp. Did you render in png?

If not, always, always render in transparent png in Apophysis. Also, if that wasn't as sharp, don't sharpen it until you take the time to sort the grain out. Grain is a natural part of Apophysis and unless you've got the knowledge of how to balance the weights of each transform, positioning of transforms, and the delicate balance of variables you can't escape it. Its very rare to actually do so sad.gif

Other than that I like the piece. Very interesting, and the colors are good though a bit too contrasted. The very faint green works extremely well in your favor here.

For Passive Effect I like the triangle bit, very interesting and very sharp. Sadly enough its got jpeg compression in parts which ruin some of the flow of the fractal. It also has sharpened grain, remember blur tool/smudge tool for that grain is your best friend. Also, a good way of handling it is duplicating your fractal layer blurring it to no end using a filter, choose a layer mode that suits the color to make it brighter. Apply layer, duplicate the new layer and set it on multiply. If it darkens the fractal too much lower the opacity of that layer. This is generally how I get the noise out of my fractals.

Then do the post work wink.gif

Anyways, other than that I really like the triangle here and the colors. Its the perfect focal.

For Ultimatum I won't lie to you, and I'm not good at saying bad things. sad.gif Not a very good fractal sadly enough. You can do better.

As is illustrated by Mirror Mechanics. This fractal has the beginnings of something interesting in it. Experiment more with it, you've got something here. wink.gif Great colors and great design! Only thing is the jpeg compression, heck the grains are even down to the minimum here. Believe me, this is a great fractal. Just render in png and make sure if you want to save as a jpeg that you give it the maximum quality available. This is the best Apophysis fractal I've seen from you yet.

You already know what I think about Into The Amber Depths wink.gif I LOVE that fractal. Great job, you're fractal touch is mainly in Incendia imo. Don't let it fall to wayside while you're fiddling in Apophysis wink.gif

Overall I think your Apophysis fractal need some work but you're heading in the right direction. Your Incendia fractals are better than mine so I can't say much there other than I think they're great smile.gif

Edit: Dammnnn sorry Hyper for writing you an essay tongue.gif
Its ok, I would prefer essays to anything wink.gif

Yea all my fractals are in png, but they are so big its harder and harder to upload on this internet that I have. So the finals are mostly in jpgs but I can always bump up the quality on them a tad tongue.gif

Yea, I only put Ultimatum because I thought the colours were nice. Lets call it a desperation fractal, where I couldnt get a focal or make it pop out, but decided I wanted to hang on to the colours so made it anyway lol.

Honestly, the only reason that my Incedia fractals are good like is because its easier to make them IMO. Theres more (possibly too much) automation in it than most other fractal programs.

But damn, thanks heaps heaps HEAPS for the crit/essay Wendy!! wub.gif
Tokyo Rose
tongue.gif Incendia imo was relatively easy to get the idea of how to use it, and you've taken it along a different path which is why I enjoy your Incendia fractals. The only other person I've seen get creative with the program is mainly Aexion himself. Everyone seems to get stuck on fractal cities, I do that myself both in Apophysis and in Incendia tongue.gif

But anyways, its NICE to see that in you. Though imo its a bit sad that Incendia isn't getting nearly enough attention that it deserves currently with the two new fractal directors. :/

Sophie at least recognized each program equally... And made sure to hype up the usage of Incendia when it was released sad.gif

Anyways, jpeg compression can ruin an image so please bump up that quality wink.gif It'll improve on everything.

Also avoid placing up fractals like Ultimatum. I rarely post anything on my DA page for a reason, I only post what makes me happy to see it on my DA page now tongue.gif 'Tis a rare fractal that makes it through because I'm picky tongue.gif

You're welcome for my little essay, would you like to test out what I've been working on? tongue.gif wink.gif
1st is pretty awesome

not liking the colours on the 2nd

3rd is nice but it is inconsistent

tw what ois incendia?
Thank you smile.gif
Incendia is a 3D fractal program

2 new apo fractals

Im just playing with apo until Incendia 1.2 comes out
Mega old bump
Its funny how when I actually ask for critique, I dont get it... (aside from Wendy of course wub.gif)
Welcome to my endless circle
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