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Just wanted to share with you guys that I'm super happy at the moment because I just won the first prize in a poster competition biggrin.gif. Cash prize is around a 1000$ (just got the check today at the official announcement tongue.gif). Also this is the first time I've made some cold hard cash on this hobby so its pretty motivating smile.gif Especially because I used half of the prize money for my new Intous 3 biggrin.gif

The organizer of the competition was a website from my country which deals with the interests of the youth and is also linked with the child services (or whatever its called). The prize money was sponsored by a local insurance company.
The terms of the competition were in short that anyone aged 20 or less could enter (conveniently ruling out the professionals), and was to make a poster with the theme "Tryggleiki" which in English means "Safety" or more correctly "Feeling safe".

I really had no expectation of winning so I didn't even spend that much time on it, but apparently the concept sealed the deal tongue.gif. I did some photo manipulation (all stocks copyright free of course) and painted in some stuff. The text on it basically means "Safety is freedom" or "Feeling safe is freedom").
Also in the printed poster version there are some logos of the website and the insurance company in the right corner.

I'm uploading a small version here, the version that went to printing was around 3600 pixels wide.

edit: why is the preview so small when uploaded?
Pwned he he he, in the next 10 years, maybe you will get more "0"s after "1". biggrin.gif
wow you got lucky mate , congrats
QUOTE (fxEVo @ Jan 9 2009, 08:50 PM) *
Pwned he he he, in the next 10 years, maybe you will get more "0"s after "1". biggrin.gif

hehe who knows biggrin.gif although I don't really plan on pursuing a career in design tongue.gif

QUOTE (PD-art @ Jan 9 2009, 08:51 PM) *
wow you got lucky mate , congrats

thx and yeah I was super shocked to have won since the image was technically pretty easy to make smile.gif
Smiling Demon
gratz man biggrin.gif

Thats alot more money than I have ever made off this smile.gif
Nice dude, congrats on the win
Hello there, I am happy to see that you have just converted your skills into real money. I would like to encourage you to make this kind of posters daily, and get a good earning. You can search the internet and read more about this skill's requirement in this world. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with others.
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