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Full Version: The forums are back!
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Welcome Back!

Sorry about the long downtime and the delay. There were some problems when we switched servers, and some of the information wasn't backed up correctly. This lead to long hours of painstakingly recreating the forums. As of now, we have all of your posts restored up, but we lost the information that contains which forum the topics were posted in, as well as topic titles and descriptions.

All of the topics are now located in a hidden forum, and the admins are working constantly to manually move each individual topic into the appropriate forum. If your topic is missing, do not worry, it will get sorted soon. Keep in mind we have over 2,200 topics that contain 18,000+ posts to sort. We assure you we are doing everything possible to recover as much of the data as possible.

These problems do not make up for the downtime, but we hope you understand our problem and everything we are doing to resolve this issue.

The Luminarium Staff
oh god x.x

Good luck to all of you damn..
Haha. This is the easy part compared to having to restore the databases and recreate some of the tables from scratch. The backup we had only had about 90 of the 100 or so tables that we needed. Luckily we weren't missing the tables with posts or the forum skin or anything. But we lost the tables with the topics and a few other ones.

So for a while, we could even get the posts back because there is no way to access them without going through the topics first. I had to create a php script to sort through every post and manually recreate each topic, and then populate a special forum with all of the topics once it was done. We are lucky that it worked. For a while, we thought we might lose all of the posts angry.gif.
Everyone who helps with the sorting gets to kick me a few times.
guys I appreciate everything you have done to get us back in buisness smile.gif you are doing a great job
Smiling Demon
Lets get this place rolling again!!
Yikes! That sounds like painful work ohmy.gif Good to have you back though smile.gif
Oh sound like a pain in the ass wink.gif But well it's lovely that the forum is back where it belong.
wish i could help =)
anyway, it's really good to see this great site coming back, i checked in everyday =)
It's nice to have the skin back too, rather than IPB Blue tongue.gif
I'll help sort the topics if you let me biggrin.gif
I read the email you send out, nice to check this website again. You have made some awesome packs smile.gif
QUOTE (Dwood @ Mar 19 2009, 01:29 PM) *
I'll help sort the topics if you let me biggrin.gif

We appreciate the offer to help, but we feel that it is best if we sort to topics so that we can make sure they all go to the right places (and if they don't, then people know who to blame haha). Also we have material that will be released in our next pack, which, by the way, is coming very soon.

-Lum Staff
sneak, need any help hit me up wink.gif
Glad to see you guys have it back up and running, but it looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you.
well just in case, my approved exhibit submission was moved to the community forums in Lum Art.
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