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Smiling Demon

With the Luminarium running smoothly and gaining recognition we felt it was time to give our artists a bit of a rest. They had been producing wonders with the strong themes we had been giving them and we felt it was time to give them a chance to do thier own thing. With that in mind we let thier imaginations run wild with a freestyle pack, and they have paid us back with interest! With pieces filled with imagination this exhibit is truelly one to loose yourself in. Our new featured artist is one talented guy that everyone should have on their must see list. Also, we have another great music piece from our rockstar Neo who came up with a tune that flows perfect with this exhibit, making your viewing experience complete. The only thing we could suggest is go out, experience The Luminarium's Illuminate, and be blown away!


Be sure to spread the word about or dA news article and fav it!
Well done everyone.

And grats to Adam <3
awesome guys smile.gif thanks everyone for participaiting and for holding strong when our forums went down!
I don't see anything change?
Smiling Demon
clear your cache wink.gif
Yeah, put an atomic bomb on it and everything is excellent he he he. biggrin.gif
Can I get a major w00tage!?! biggrin.gif!
Men, why I have changed through 4 browsers, even tried my PDA and no luck??????

This tension is crazyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Don't make me even clear my HDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!
Mine's the same fx, dunno what's up...
After a very cleaned cache clearing (and everything else) I have a loading bar, indicate it's loading a new flash, and that "new" flash turn out to be exactly the same.
Smiling Demon
hmm no idea, :S its very definatly there for me.
Very nice, I like the banner as well biggrin.gif
Looks great! Banner is very nice too. Congratz guys! smile.gif
Awesome work everyone
Sweet stuff! It's a damn cool pack biggrin.gif
Great pack, nice work all of the others!
I must say Jorik, I love the new banner biggrin.gif
Wow, it is really nice .. laugh.gif
Congratz all
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