Forum Rules
Do not flame, harass, slander anyone, do not use racist jokes or post anything that may be considered illegal or offensive to someone else.
Do not steal, rip or take anything from the site that may belong to another user, This may result in a ban and is strictly prohibited.
Any pornographic or inappropriate posting is also strictly prohibited anyone that posts or suggests it will be banned or warned given the circumstances.
Spamming will not be tolerated.
Resources can only be posted if you have full rights or permission to post them. Any stocks or photos that have been illegally or unchecked copy rights will be taken off. You will need proof that it is a valid resource before posting.
Please keep all posts in English.
The rules stated may change in the future.

Important Note on Derivative Work
NO Derivative work is allowed (unless prior permission from the original artist is received and proved).
Any artwork found to be derivative will removed from the forums and could result in further action against the artist.