Welcome to SketchWars, a battlefield with all kinds of artists who battle using their own sketches. SketchWars is for anyone, even if you're a newbie! Join in, fight, and learn from your experiences and the experiences of others!

categorymarker.png How The Battle Works
The contest is composed of rounds. Each round has a theme or concept. Every two days is a new round.
A sketch can be anything, a drawing, speedpaint, graphic design, photograph, quick soundtrack, small game level, 3D model, etc. Be creative, a sketch is done quickly to grasp a concept or an idea. If you think of a creative way of sketching, do it!
After the two days, an Administrator or Moderator will choose the next theme and the winner will get his/her reward!

categorymarker.png Winning
A winner is chosen by the administrator or moderator who created the theme. Winning is based upon various criteria such as humor, skills or creativity.
The winner will win a badge(s) based upon what made their sketch a success! These badges will accumulate the more you win! And the more you win, the closer you get to unlocking the secret badges!
The badges will be placed in your signature for all to see and admire!
Not only will winners receive awesome badges, but will be featured throughout our networks such as DeviantArt, Facebook, and Twitter. You're art and talent will be exposed!

categorymarker.png Preview of Some of the Sketchy Badges You Can Win