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Full Version: Round 1: Illumination
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Welcome to Round 1 of SketchWars!

Since it's the first round ever, I'll keep it simple.

Theme: Illumination

Pretty much open-ended. Make sure there's at least some sort of light or illumination

Monday 13th
ah man I have a super busy week this week! Ill jjoin in one a few next time biggrin.gif
Dang wacko.gif
well the contest goes on every two days so no worries tongue.gif

here's my sketch, however it doesn't count since I started the round. Just for fun biggrin.gif

Is it okay if I make something traditional with Pastels?
you can use anything to make a sketch, traditional, digital, 3d, video, whatever you can use.
Here is my quick doodle, and by quick I mean very quick, messing with some new brushes, took around 20 minutes to paint and a further 10 minutes of colouring and adjustments.
As for what it is is started as some odd alien surface, that turned into an underwater scene so I painted in some big alien whale creatures. Lots of neon lights as well, kind of reminds me of Avatar a bit.

One other question, how the hell do I make my attached images bigger?

I upload mine to imageshack and then post the image, it'll automatically resize it to fit the thread. Nice sketches guys
Ahh I will try that one next time. You doing a sketch?
cool! Thanks for joining biggrin.gif

Kaio is there supposed to be an image in your post? or you're uploading one?
Yeah I'll try to join in and do a sketch, but no I didn't have one in my previous post.
Alright I went ahead and did one up real quick, about 1hr work. I haven't really ever tried to actually do a concept sketch before, so I'm new at it. Also Sean, not sure if I remember seeing this in the rules or not, but are we allowed to have more than one sketch per round?

Dark cave being illuminated by light
Smiling Demon
looks pretty cool pheonix, I'm gonna try and get something done over the weekend.
I dont see why not tongue.gif

Nice one Bobby!
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