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Full Version: Round 2: Defying Gravity
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Welcome to Round 2 of SketchWars!

Theme: Defying Gravity

Have fun with this one biggrin.gif

Monday 20th
count me in smile.gif
Smiling Demon
should be good.
Dont ask, I have no fecking idea. Anywho its not brilliant as I was working on it whilst making dinner. around 20 minutes work. Again messing with brushes. Not too fond of it.
Also where's all the other images at?

Not gonna be able to make anything this time guys, good luck though, looking forward to the sketches!
Smiling Demon

my quick entry.
It might take a while for people to start joining the contests. Anyways, I'm going to pick the winner tomorrow since I feel horribly sick.
Chris Cold
Haha, awesome photo, SD. and nice sketch, adam.

Sorry for being so dead.... but now i'm energized and will try to do something as well
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