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Full Version: Sketch Wars Themes and Ideas!
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Got suggestions or theme ideas for upcoming Rounds? Post it all here!

Each post you make must have at least 3 ideas! If you have more ideas, edit your original posts.
Živko Žile Kondić
Older than a million years
Backwards motion

Here ya go, I'll edit the post to add more, I suggest all of us do it that way, to avoid pages and pages of one word posts. You could add these instructions to the original post, Somni.
doctor who
Ice & Fire
Blue Phoenix
Party / Celebration
The Last Day
(The 11-dimensional) Hyperspace tongue.gif
Falling Into the Unknown-could be a secret spy mission into a deep dark cave or maybe just someone falling off a cliff.

Wreaking Havoc-something causing trouble, destruction, devastation, etc.

The Great Warping-a massive event where reality is warped, how? idk.

Nostalgia-a past thought, event, etc. Could be something like an epiphany or realization.

Mutation Breakout-imagine creatures or animals, or humans mutated!

In A Safe Place-amongst evil or darkness, there is a spot of safety.

Dark Side of the Mind-hmmm...dark side of the mind.

Euphoria-excitement! but it can probably be something exciting to the artist.

Only by Night-something happens or comes out only at night. what is it? 0.0

A Thousand Suns-AHHHHHHHH!

The Catalyst-an initiation, the starter of something big...or small.
Cool ones Sean, some I don't quite get but they sound fun haha. Kind of funny to have Dark Side of the Mind and Euphoria next to each other.
haha yea, I added a bit of description for each to make it clearer.
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