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Full Version: Dreaming Of Zion
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Every time i start a piece, do not end up feeling that something is missing. Can you help? I can not solve.


First off (and this isn't your fault), the "stocks" that you got are actually ripped matte paintings that he found elsewhere. I'll show you the image and give the links to them once I find them. If I were you, I wouldn't continue on with this piece because of that. Sorry mate, but it happens far too often and I hate to see somebody else suffer for peoples shit.

I'll edit this post once I have found them.


Original from Tiberius Viris

Hang on for more.
Hum, thank you for warning. I had my doubts about the stocks.
If possible, i will take advantage of the created topic to ask for help with another piece.


And yes, i know of the failures of blending.
Not a problem, sometimes you just gotta watch out for stuff you get. One thing to spot is low resolution "stocks." If they can't provide a high-res version of it, then it might not be theirs.

As far as your other piece, the first thing I notice right off the bat is the lighting. Be sure you match the lighting of the plate (stock) and where the sun is coming from. If your creating a new light source, everything has to shift to the new source as well. That goes for the sky too, it doesn't match the lighting of the plate.

The other thing is the composition. The fire is a nice effect, but it's so dominant of everything else, you either need to dim down the brightness of the fire, or (use caution with this and don't overload the composition) create other elements to help balance your scene.

So far so good, keep working at it!

Also, I found the original artwork from before:
Yip not bad...just to much sky i think...if you had cut the pic about an inch above the dudes head it would be more effective.

cool pic though
Jorja Yencken
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