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Full Version: Future of SketchWars
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Hey guys,

I have no problem bringing SW back from it's unfortunate demise, and since Sean (aka Somni, SketchWars creator) does not have the time right now to invigorate some life back into it, I'll take it as my responsibility to try and bring it back. As with everything else in life, there's a catch. I need you all to participate. Like everything else this group and forum are built on, we need members and artists to be active who want to participate, because if you don't, this challenge will most likely die out (to be blunt about it). So, adding to that, if there is anything you would like to see added or changed to/from SW or if you have any suggestions/comments at all, please post your feedback and remember that this is all for fun and isn't meant to looked at as extra work or something you have to participate in. We have fun here, it's what we're about and this challenge is something that was built from. So keep that in mind, we would like to continue having fun.

Tell us what you think.
I think it'll be great to bring this back! Since I missed all off the previous ones.
Smiling Demon
I'll be able to compete again soon.
Awesome guys, I appreciate your support. Let's get some more people in this!
I have done a lot of work lately and like some of you have already saw, i even made one new work too - SO why not to sketch! Count me in tongue.gif
Me too if i have time , so as always why not smile.gif
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